About Wise Children

Welcome to Wise Children!

Wise Children is a new company conceived, created and led by me, Emma Rice. Firmly and deeply rooted in the South West, it is the beginning of a crisp new chapter and the culmination of the process and beliefs I have developed over my surprising career. It is built on strong and tested foundations, and even the thought of it makes me resonate with hope, glee and anticipation. Inclusive and passionate, Wise Children will make exceptional, contemporary, ensemble-based theatre – but its mission is so much more. You can read our story so far on the Wise Children website.

And Oh! I am ready, I am grateful, I am fired-up and I am excited. I love the book that is my life; It is filled with images, music, friendships, lovers and adventures; past, present and future. This next chapter promises to be the richest, the bravest and the most generous of them all.

I have found my way home.