Podcast episode 4: The Hut by the Harbour


The fourth episode of our podcast, Wise Children’s Detention, is now available on podbean, Itunes and other podcast platforms.

This week Emma talks to artists Beth Carter & Stuart Mitchell, about the animation they’ve created for Wise Children’s production of Wise Children.

The animation takes Nora and Dora Chance from Brixton to Chelsea, from the wrong side of tracks to legitimacy, as they attend Melchior Hazard’s 100th birthday party.

The animation is also a carefully considered solution to a pivotal and tricky moment in the production, and Emma discusses how she makes these kinds of choices when staging a show.

Wise Children opens at The Old Vic next week, and tickets are on sale now for performances at: The Old Vic, London, Oxford Playhouse, Cambridge Arts Theatre, Bristol Old Vic, HOME ManchesterYork Theatre Royal, Storyhouse Chesterand Belgrade Theatre Coventry

Author: Poppy Keeling

Executive Producer at Wise Children

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