The Wise Children Club


Emma Rice’s vision of Wise Children is of a new kind of theatre company: inclusive, ambitious, passionate and generous.

Over the next four years we are committed to achieving three things:

  1. We will create landmark work with exceptional artists and tour it across the country: challenging outmoded theatre touring models and reinvigorating the UK’s glorious tradition of the travelling players.
  2. We’ll run The School for Wise Children, a training course for alternative, ensemble theatre makers led by Emma and her closest collaborators, and make 50% of places available for free.
  3. We’ll discover the creative spaces of the future, asking what kinds of environments are conducive to art-making, and how a touring company that’s always on the move can travel with the ingredients of creativity.

To make all this possible we’re going to start a grassroots movement of energy and support: the Wise Children Club – a group of champions who believe we can do all this, and can help us on our way. 

Membership of the Club costs anything from £10 a year, for which you’ll get regular email updates from Emma, invites to an annual members-only event with the company, and access to priority ticket booking.


More importantly, you also get to be part of Wise Children’s mission to transform the world of theatre, making it a fairer, more accessible, more diverse and more joyful place.

Everyone involved with Wise Children – from those treading the boards to the Board themselves – has joined the Club, to show our collective commitment to the Wise Children mission.

To join the Club, and champion the company, you can donate here, giving as much as you feel able to give.

Thank you!

Author: Poppy Keeling

Executive Producer at Wise Children

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