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This blog post includes links to our recent NPO application to Arts Council England (ACE), a grants for the arts application to ACE for organisational development and the company’s communications with ACE.

This information has been requested through a Freedom of Information request to ACE and we thought the most transparent thing to do would be to publish all this information ourselves. So here it is, for everyone to read, on our blog

We are really proud of the ideas, imagination and graft that went into writing these applications, and think Arts Council England’s assessment is detailed and fair. There’s lots to do as we now work up our plans and proposals and build strong partnerships.

If you read the NPO application, you will notice some information has been removed. We are allowed to hold back information that is commercially sensitive, but we aimed to do this as little as possible. You won’t see Emma’s roster of future projects (can’t spoil all the surprises!) and the budget figures which show what kind of deals Wise Children aims to strike with future partners and venues.

So, here it is, in full. Enjoy!

Keep up to date with our latest news, opportunities and ideas on this blog, and if you would like to get in touch or want to connect with the company in any way, then please email allegra@wisechildren.co.uk.

Emma & Allegra

Wise Children NPO application and supporting documents

Wise Children NPO assessment

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Wise Children Organisational Development

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