Welcome to the world of Wise Children

Dear Wise Friends,

Welcome to our first Blog – in fact my first ever Blog!

Life is certainly not boring at the moment, so we wanted to find a way of keeping you all posted as the adventure unfolds. As a start, we thought we would share 10 facts for you to enjoy!

  1. Wise Children is a South West company. I have lived and worked in the South West for 25 years and currently live in Bristol. Where we eventually put down our bags and find a physical base is to be discovered over the coming years, but one thing is sure – it is South West all the way. That has never been in doubt!
  2. I (along with Allegra Galvin, my Associate Producer) applied to ACE in January to become an NPO (National Portfolio Organisation) and we were delighted to find out the result of the application along with everyone else on June 27th 2017.
  3. An NPO application is a very detailed document. It is over 15,000 words and covers all areas of the business, from what is seen onstage, to how a company will be run, to what effect it might have on the community. It was a very busy time for Allegra and I as we pulled together all the ideas, dreams and hard work!
  4. I am delighted beyond words that we were successful. This is such a statement of support from ACE and a recognition of what I have achieved over my varied career. I am so grateful and will pay back this trust in every way possible.
  5. Wise Children will tour in the South West, nationally and internationally. We are ambitious, outward-looking and adventurous.
  6. Wise Children will also have an integrated training programme called ‘The School for Wise Children’. Watch out for a blog soon to tell you more about this unique and exciting creative training model!
  7. All national touring companies seek a London home for their work, and Wise Children has been fortunate to find this key relationship. The Old Vic in London has announced us as a company in residence when we are in London. Thank you, Old Vic for your belief, bravery and fierce independent spirit!
  8. Assuming we meet all the criteria, Wise Children’s NPO funding will start in April 2018. By then, we hope to have built a core team and to have put in place our lead partnerships, especially in the South West.
  9. This timing fits perfectly with my departure from the Globe, which is also in April 2018. I will remain joyfully and passionately at the Globe until then and am comforted to be leaving the team I love in the mighty hands of Michelle Terry.
  10. This is simply the most important and exciting project of my working life…

Check back for more updates, I’ll be writing one soon about the School for Wise Children. To get updates on blog posts join our mailing list or follow us on Twitter

 Love, Emma x

Author: Poppy Keeling

Executive Producer at Wise Children

One thought on “Welcome to the world of Wise Children”

  1. Can. Not. Wait. Like so many other, particularly women in theatre, I’ve shed not a few tears in the last year. In outrage and disappointment. In awe and inspiration. And now in profound relief, delight and anticipation. As expected, Emma Rice has devised the perfect next step for herself, and for The Theatre, and for audiences all over the world. We are watching and waiting and sending love. I’m looking forward to seeing Wise Children in Cornwall!


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